"Hi Denny,

Yesterday in pre-game of the Purdue football game I was named as the 2010 Homecoming King of The Ohio State University. I am overwhelmed and honored to represent such a fine University in this manner. The reason for my e-mail is to thank you so much for all your help and support you gave me throughout my ten years at camp. I remember vividly my early days filled with mistakes, immaturity, and growing up. Thanks to your patience and guidance I have developed into the person I am today. I have been talking to people all weekend and I tell them what I learned at camp has turned out to be so true and guiding principles for my life. You taught told us in pre-camp one year about the false sense of masculinity. What I thought was a strange cliche at the time could not be more accurate. For I am not judged by my athletic skills, success with females, or how much money I have. In the end, my ability to love others and be loved is what is important. I have tried as much as possible to be other-centered in the way I conduct myself and live the values I learned over so many years in Eagle River. I have attached the photograph that ran in today's Columbus Dispatch of Colleen Miller and myself. Please extend my thanks, appreciation, and love to Sandy, Joel, Rachael, and everyone in the Ojibwa family. It is my sincerest hope that I am able to make you and Camp Ojibwa proud of my accomplishments. I would not have been able to achieve such things without it. I am looking forward to the weather turning cold once again so I can proudly wear my ten year jacket each and every day as a reminder of all the wonderful people who have touched my life at camp. Thank you once again for all that you have done for me and thousands of campers.

Most Sincerely,
10 year camper and staff man"