"Below is an essay one of our first time younger campers wrote as a school assignment. His Mom was so touched she faxed it to me. The text is original including the misspelled words but the essence is awesome. It is a creative piece of writing and not necessarily factually accurate (we do not serve steaks for all our lunches, etc.) Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did."
Denny Rosen Camp Ojibwa

"Hello Camp Ojibwa, my new best friend. I’m here with the three of me.

I taste Camp Ojibwa. I taste creamy, crunchy, cookies at night before bed. In the morning the pancakes with syrup taste unbelievable!!!!!!! For lunch we usually have steak, which is the best steak I’ve ever had. At dinnertime we grill hamburgers and hotdogs that taste like juicy BBQ. I love the way Camp Ojibwa tastes.

I smell Camp Ojibwa. I smell the campfire, which smells like roasted marshmallows at night and the cabins in the morning smell like lemons. The smell of the lake is so fresh!! It smells like nature. For example the enormous trees, the green grass, and the smelly pinecones. I love the way Camp Ojibwa smells.

I see Camp Ojibwa. There were green and white cabins. When I walk around I see sporting fields like baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, basketball courts, and hockey rinks. I’m looking at the lake whitch is as spectacular as Niagara Falls. I see the mess hall whitch is as wide as an airplane’s wingspan. I love the way Camp Ojibwa looks. At camp I had so much fun I’m glad I came now the fun is done."