The Perfect Ingredients

You’ve never experienced pasta and sauces like this before! Unless you have a Nonna (“noh-nah” • grandmother) who makes it for you by hand...

  • All of our products are made with premium fillings, using only the highest quality and freshest tasting ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors added.
  • We source the finest ingredients for our pasta and sauces from different farmers around the world and from their ideal location, protecting the integrity.
  • Many are classified as D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin), which means they must come from a particular region and must be made in a particular way, like the Genovese Basil DOP and the Parmigiano Reggiano DOP.
  • Our perfectly thin and yellow dough, based on 50 years of know-how, allows more flavor, a lighter meal and less cook time (3 mins).


We choose the perfect blend of flour, based on 50 years of know-how to create the ideal consistency and al-dente bite. The thinness of our pasta allows more flavor, a lighter meal and shorter cooking time!

Golden-yolked eggs

We only buy whole Eggs pasteurized within 24 hours of laying, for richer and yellower pasta. The color of the yolk is 100% due to the natural feed and not to synthetic pigments added.

Genovese Basil, DOP

Sourced from Liguria, in Italy, and only grown in approved D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) region where unique climate and soil create the purest of flavors.

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

"The King of Italian Cheeses" imported from Northern Italy. Wheels are grated fresh in our plant to guarantee the best taste and consistency and avoiding any use of caking agents.


Carefully Sourced and Selected from Farmers around the world. Vegetables are cooked at a mild temperature in our plants ensuring freshness and respecting integrity of the ingredients.


We only select and buy whole pieces of meat, never the minced variety. We butcher, mince and cook the meats entirely in our plant and according to the Italian recipe.