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Follow heating instructions to ensure product reaches temperature of 160°F.

Step 1

Heat 6 quarts of water to a gentle boil. Add pinch of salt.

Step 2

Add pasta; do not separate uncooked pasta if it sticks together. It will naturally separate while cooking. Cook 3 minutes, and drain.

Step 3

Enjoy the wonderful flavors of my fillings, as we do in Italy: Toss in melted butter or extra virgin olive oil and top with freshly grated cheese.

*If frozen, do not thaw; cook additional 1 minute.

Ravioli Spinaci E Ricotta

Fresh baby spinach and creamy ricotta cheese wrapped in thin pasta

"Ravioli di Spinaci e Ricotta is also known as ‘ravioli di magro’ or ‘ravioli with no meat.’ Its origins are tied to the period of Lent when people were encouraged to give up life’s luxuries, including meat. It is ironic that such a delicious treat was born from sacrifice!"

- Giovanni Rana

Serving Suggestion:

Nutty Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli: Brown butter in skillet with fresh sage. Toss with prepared ravioli. Finish with toasted chopped walnuts.

Giovanni Rana recommends pairing this product with: