Rana Products Used

Butternut Squash Ravioli in Alfredo

with Prosciutto & Chopped Pecans

1 – 12 oz. pkg. Giovanni Rana Butternut Squash Ravioli
1 – 10 oz. pkg. Giovanni Rana Alfredo
2 oz. prosciutto cut into ½” wide strips (a sharp pizza cutter works well)
3 Tbs. toasted pecans or other favorite nut, chopped

Prepare Alfredo and ravioli according to package instructions and drain, retaining ½ cup cooking water.  Toss ravioli with Alfredo to incorporate.  If necessary, add enough cooking water to retain a sauce-like consistency and toss again. 

Add prosciutto strips to the ravioli and gently toss again.

Plate ravioli and finish with chopped pecans.

***Alternately, try this recipe with Giovanni Rana Chicken Mozzarella Tortelloni.