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The Zeaxanthin Trade Association

I. Membership
International, not for profit, trade association comprised of members of the Zeaxanthin industry supply chain such as manufacturers, formulators, distributors and marketers, as well as secondary associates and other interested parties including healthcare professionals, educators and researchers.

II. Mission
The Zeaxanthin Trade Association is committed to increase Zeaxanthin awareness globally through consumer education, marketing strategies, government lobby, via open and active communications with the public, the healthcare community and the industry.

III. Philosophy
The Association is committed to quality assurance and ethical corporate behavior to guarantee the public safety when consuming Zeaxanthin-based products.

IV. Objectives
Primary Objectives:
  • Adopt common quality standards and other measures that will help dietary supplement and food manufacturers better comply with GMP standards and manufacturing regulations.
  • Help dietary supplement and food manufacturers, private label, distributors and multi level marketers to understand the difference in the health benefits between the various isomers of Zeaxanthin.
  • Work with government groups, the healthcare community and the industry, to promote high standards for our business sector.
    • Contribute to set Recommended Daily Intakes and Health
  • Create a product quality assurance program to help dietary supplement manufacturers and formulators make better purchasing decisions.
  • Develop and disseminate educational materials for Zeaxanthin that will be used by the public, dieticians, nutrition researchers, physicians, teachers, professors and students.

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